This afternoon while everyone else was having quiet time I thought I’d lie down with Madelyn on my bed to rest for a while.  This is what I got. They ARE happy sounds but ohh so screechy!!

This morning at breakfast (yes, breakfast on Saturday morning before I was really awake) Andrew asked, “what is 7×8?” I have no idea why he was trying to figure this out but I hander him a note cards and a pencil. A few minutes later he asked if 56 was correct  and showed me this.


I was impressed, especially because I’ve never shown him this and I’m almost positive they haven’t covered the concept of multiplication at school. He’s got it down!  And hat tip to Aunt Janice who happened to bring these gridded cards home yesterday.

The stunt man.


I’ve got wheels too man.


Supercharged motorcycle man.


Better late than never..

HE is Risen! It’s an Alleluia kind of day!


Connor helped me earlier in the week prep for the carrot cake.


And this was how Blake kept busy.


This morning’s Easter basket love.


And how Madelyn spent Easter morning.


Thankfully the Easter baskets contained some Legos in addition to outside toys. It was rainy all morning so Andrew, Connor and Daddy enjoyed some serious Lego time with some new sets.


Blake was entertained by Aunt Janice and Cousin Anna.


Then came the epic Rummikub game. Team Andrew and Janice won the first game.


We skipped the crowds and attended our regular Sunday evening Mass to celebrate the Risen Christ.

IMG_7684 IMG_7688

Another little touch of grace was added to my day in singing one of my favorite Matt Maher songs during Mass.

We had a blessed day of celebrations with Larry, Janice, Anna and Nana. We also enjoyed several Skype calls with family we didn’t get to see in person this weekend.

We pray that you all have a Joyous Easter Season!



Our day started with a Mommy &  Boys date to the circus. We had a fun time and had great seats.


My favorite was the motorcycles in the sphere. Andrew was fascinated by the human Cannon ball and acrobat standing on his head .


The boys watching intently while munching on their own bags of chips which they thought was pretty special. I just couldn’t bring myself to give them cotton candy and then expect them to sit still watching the rest of the show.


Blake liked the tigers and elephants. He kept telling me about them with his signs. Here he’s signing tiger (showing his stripy face).


Connor was impressed with the clown holding a ladder on his chin.

Then came the second circus: mass.  Lately Derek and I have been going to different masses with different sets of kids. For various reasons that has been working the best. This evening we all went together which is definitely my preference. A little while in to the reading of the Passion, Derek took Blake to the back because he was getting restless. Just as they left, Madelyn pooped. As I’m thinking about how I’m going to handle the diaper change and when, I see poop on the pew in front of us. Clearly there was no time to powdery actions. I quickly talked to Andrew and Connor telling them to stay put and Daddy would be right back in. I wiped the pew and  wrapped a blanket around Madelyn so the poop down her leg wasn’t visible for everyone as we walked out. Thankfully I had checked the stock in the diaper bag before we left because otherwise it would have been missing both diapers and an extra outfit. I had Derek go back in with the boys and I cleaned up Madelyn and changed her clothes.

At this point I thought we were finished with the fiasco. But, alas, it wasn’t over yet. When I got back to the pew Derek asks for a wipe. I was confused. Apparently I hadn’t gotten all the poop wiped up and Connor had it all over his hands (Derek was alerted of this by people sitting next to us who had witnessed his smearing of it in our absence but no one had a wipe to offer him.) Several more wipes later, Connor was clean and Derek wiped the pew again. Then the reading of the Passion was over and as the family in front of us sat down they moved over and kept looking behind them at the pew. It was slightly mortifying. I tapped the mom on the back and asked if there was still a mess. The daughter thought so, so I offerer her another wipe and my apologies. Sure enough, she was right. Annnnnnd… she’s probably scarred for life.

We made it through the rest of Mass. Andrew and Connor were awesomely fabulous as we juggled all of this plus a restless Blake and tired Madelyn (she did quietly go to sleep in my arms sacking her thumb – score!)  After Mass a friend sitting 4 rows back apologized for not being able to help because she was stuck in the middle of the pew. All I was thinking was, “you saw it too!?!” We really were the second circus of the day!


We did have a little help with this photo shoot.



13lbs, 12oz (37%)

24.5in long (48%)

15.9cm head circumference (44%)

The biggest change in the past month is that Madelyn has found her thumb and has become a thumb sucking crazy girl.   She mostly just does it when she’s tired but also other times throughout the day. It has aided tremendously in her being able to soothe herself to sleep both at night and for naps.  She still doesn’t have a regular daily sleeping schedule because our days are so different with preschool and other activities.

In this case, she fell asleep in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Admittedly all the brothers were gone to Connor’s soccer practice so it wasn’t too wild while she slept.


When given the option, she’ll sleep until around 11am.  She has been doing better napping in her bed during the day (when we’re home for he to have the chance).

Madelyn can now roll in both directions and enjoys playing on the floor on her stomach or back.  A smile can be coaxed out sometimes but I’ve yet to catch a good one on camera.

We have had a really awesome past month with this sweet, easy going girl!

The sweetest moment of my day was this morning. Madelyn was lying on the floor and I was playing with Blake. Madelyn coughed (as we’ve all been doing around here). Blake immediately looked at me and signed “baby”  then “drink”.
Although he doesn’t always appear to be, he’s very in tune with his sister.


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