Madelyn wasn’t in the mood to show off any smiles but we still captured her signature expressions.

Connor finally decided he was ready to figure out this pedal bike. We’ve been working on it for about a week and today he took off! He needs help getting started but then he’s good to go.

Video credit to Andrew (who is home sick but felt good enough to come out for a few minutes of fresh air)

Not so fast there, Ms. Pie!

As we were sitting in Mass this evening, I noticed I dressed all the kids in plaid. I love plaid!


I’ve always loved boys in plaid shorts & polos. It’s about the most fun I have with an otherwise relatively unexciting boy wardrobe.

Shout out to Janice and Larry for their patience and perseverance getting thru Mass with us and for the pics. After the ‘nice’ picture we had to have some silly time.




Happy Sunday, ya’ll!

I’m working on Blake’s baby book and came across this picture of him at 3 months of age.  I hadn’t realized how much he and Madelyn look alike!


This is Blake on September 4, 2013.

This might be my favorite picture of this girl yet! I finally captured her beautiful smile.

Here’s a little Super Baby.


My guess is Madelyn weighs around 15 lbs. She as a little stranger danger but warms up pretty fast to new people as long as Mommy is in view.  The last few days she has become very grabby. She tries to get her hands on anything she can reach.  She particularly likes trying to get to the hand soap when perched in her Bumbo on the kitchen island.

I nurse Madelyn every 3-4 hours during the day and she gladly takes a 5oz bottle every few days that is a mix of formula and breast milk.  We haven’t tried any solids yet.  Her daily nap schedule revolves around the other activities in the house for the day but she fares alright with the changes right now. On the mornings we don’t have to be anywhere, her night blends in with her morning nap and she’s not up for the day until 10:30 or 11.  While this keeps us tied to the house, it’s nice for her to get to sleep and I can focus more attention on the boys.

Madelyn does not like to be on her back. When laid on her back, she almost immediately rolls to her tummy both at sleep and play time.  She gets her knees under her and scoots around quite a bit. I fear crawling might be coming sooner than I’d like.

She gets lots of compliments on her beautiful blue eyes. The boys’ were darker by now. In addition to the bald spot she’s rubbed on the back of her head, she seems to be shedding on the sides too. The hair coming in is looking lighter but we’ll see.

She has become fond of Melvin the giraffe who hails from Connor’s infancy. She’s a chewing, drooling mess.

Blake gently offering Madelyn a turn with his binoculars.IMG_7729

Just in case anyone wondered, we’re not always all smiles around here. He was patiently waiting for me to finish taking pictures of Madelyn and this was the reaction I got when I asked for a smile.


This afternoon while everyone else was having quiet time I thought I’d lie down with Madelyn on my bed to rest for a while.  This is what I got. They ARE happy sounds but ohh so screechy!!

This morning at breakfast (yes, breakfast on Saturday morning before I was really awake) Andrew asked, “what is 7×8?” I have no idea why he was trying to figure this out but I hander him a note cards and a pencil. A few minutes later he asked if 56 was correct  and showed me this.


I was impressed, especially because I’ve never shown him this and I’m almost positive they haven’t covered the concept of multiplication at school. He’s got it down!  And hat tip to Aunt Janice who happened to bring these gridded cards home yesterday.

The stunt man.


I’ve got wheels too man.


Supercharged motorcycle man.



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