Blake is talking a lot more and better and it is so much fun!  I love that he can express himself and I can figure out what he wants about 80% of the time. The screaming has finally relented a great deal as he’s not so frustrated! Ohh happy day for everyone!

My favorite thing to hear him say is the name of his dog: “shunshy” (aka Sunshine)


Just look at this big girl!!! She can stand on her own for 10-20 seconds if she doesn’t get distracted by something to ‘eat’ on the floor. She puts everything in her mouth! While she loves being outside, it’s difficult to let her crawl around because she’s constantly eating rocks, leaves, or whatever else she can get her hands on.

Madelyn is eating mostly table food 2-3 times per day. She isn’t a fan of green beans or peas but will eat just about anything else. The baby food puffs are not thrown on the floor in favor of more delectable treasures.  She particularly likes the Bamba peanut snacks but they can only be eaten when Blake isn’t around and I have the time to completely clean her and her eating area when she’s finished. The good news is she hasn’t shown any signs of any food allergies up this point.

She smiles/giggles when Derek or I walk in the room and crawls towards us. She isn’t drooling as much for the moment but her top 2 teeth have just cut thru her gums. This has caused some teeth grinding as she figures out what it feels like to have teeth on top of teeth. It is so unnerving for me to hear but shouldn’t last too much longer. She’s only bitten down twice while nursing and my reaction (though relatively mild) scared/upset her quite a lot.

Madelyn tells us when she’s tired but cuddling on our shoulder, putting her thumb in her mouth and sticking her little hiney out. She enjoys seeing what toys do, especially banging them together or shaking them if they make noise and has a few little dance moves when she hears fun music.

Her sleeping schedule is starting to change a bit which is challenging for me because she’s waking up for the day earlier (but still not as early as her brothers). We’ve had to start throwing in a little 20 minute on-the-go morning nap on the mornings she wakes early. I’m still trying really hard to get her afternoon nap to overlap with Blake’s at least a little bit (it’s critical to my sanity!!) and most days is successful.

So far she doesn’t seem to be as mischievous and “in to everything” as Blake was but that could be because the house is already so baby/toddler friendly. We haven’t had to put up the gates on the stairs yet and I’m enjoying every day that they’re down!  When I do have to get on to her, she seems to understand and if I get too stern she gets upset. She’s definitely more on the sensitive side.

Anything soft is perfect for Madelyn to cuddle with. She finds something soft, sucks her thumb and cuddles up even if she’s not really tired. Even brothers’ stray socks she has taken as substitute loveys.

After it rained all morning, Andrew stepped out to the backyard to remove his dirty soccer gear (yes, they played in the rain). He was so excited when he heard the creek in the backyard he broke out into this dance.

Ice skating was Andrew and Connor’s final reward for completing their sticker charts this summer.

Pops and Nana were in town and kept Blake and Madelyn while Derek and I took the boys to the ice rink.  They both did great and kept a smile on their face even with the multiple crashes.

Derek got a workout helping Connor.

After about 30 minutes, Andrew really got the hang of it.


Quotes of the evening:

Andrew: Why does ice have to be so hard?

Connor: This is like learning to walk all over again!


Andrew has been in school for 2 weeks. Here are his First Day of school pics.  Second grade if off to a great start! His teacher, Mrs. S, is wonderful and seems like a great match for Andrew. He was a little bummed to only know 1 friend in his class (his best girl buddy from preschool…before girls were icky) but he sees his other friends on the playground and has made some new friends in his class. He is excited to go to school and is doing very well!  So far Derek has walked Andrew to school each morning which is a great start to the day for both of them.



Connor and Blake started Preschool today. They are both at St. Francis this year!! I’m thrilled with all of their teachers (3/4 of them are my friends!). Connor was very excited about starting school and told me he was only a tiny bit nervous. Blake didn’t really understand but went in his classroom happily. Unfortunately in the 2 year old class there will be some screaming kids so I’m hopeful he’s not too bothered by it.



Madelyn will be my buddy at home this year!

We are very blessed with wonderful teachers and schools.





Official stats: 17 lbs, 8 oz (39%) and 28 inches (66%)

I had a hard time getting these pictures because Madelyn is a girl on the move! She doesn’t stay still for long and is curious to get her hands on any and everything she can.

She continues to be a very happy, easy going baby. Her nap schedule has had to change the last few weeks with Andrew starting school and she had adapted beautifully, for which I am ohh so thankful!  She now has a mid-day nap beginning around noon and then we have to squeeze in another little nap around 5:30 or 6 so she can make it to bed a little after 8.  I nurse her when she wakes around 6am and then she wakes for the day between 8:30 and 9. Yes, it’s truly awesome!! I am thankful for every day this schedule will last.



Madelyn is crawling fast and up on her hands and knees after several months of army crawling.  She has found the stairs but so far we’ve been able to keep the un-gated. That won’t last much longer!



Connor is particularly doting on “My Girl” lately. He has a very excited voice he says it with whenever he sees her. He tells me at least once per week how he is excited to have a sister.



Madelyn is eating soft or quickly dissolved finger foods. She’s quickly moving towards table foods.  She has particularly loved lasagna, grilled chicken and sweet potato.  She devours just about anything put in front of her.  She is drinking water well out of a traditional sippy cup and also a straw cup.





And a little video from a few weeks ago.


The 3rd child has kept things exciting around our house today. That’s not terribly unusual as he’s a clever 2yr old with 2 big Brothers. However, this week  was exceptional.

This week he learned how to open door knows. The biggest challenge with this is the pantry door. With his allergies it’s just not safe for him to be able to get in there. So we’re going to try a few things and see how quickly he defeats the system. The extreme solution is a door knob that requires punching in a code to open. We’ll see what works. I’m hoping to not go that far yet.

This afternoon while I was gone, he climbed out of his crib for the time. I wasn’t surprised, as I knew he could if he tried for quite a while but neither of the other two boys ever climbed out. Derek put him back in bed twice. The 3rd time he climbed out, looked around, and then cartwheeled back into the crib and went to sleep.

After his nap Derek put up the rail on twin bed which was already in his room, moved his night night stuff, talked about it with him, etc. He was excited and played in his big bed this afternoon.

Derek is gone this evening so I got to put him to bed. Derek has always done a good job of “putting the fear of God” I to the boys about staying in bed and it’s been successful. I put him to bed just like always but in the big bed. He lay right down like he was going to sleep  it got up twice. I went in there, put him back in, etc. As soon as I walked in the 2nd time he knew to head back to his bed.

The 3rd time I waited a little longer to go in and he was moving his blanket, pillow and loveys back to the crib. So I helped him climb in and he went right to sleep. Little stinker! I don’t really care where he sleeps and obviously it’s happening on his own terms which is really fine with me as long as he sleeps decently! This saga is To Be Continued!

(This outfit gives a preview of her professional 8 month pics which we had taken this morning. )





Madelyn is doing lots of new things this month!

  • get to the sitting position on her own
  • often sits in a W position with her ankles on the outside (I have always sat likes this too but according to an occupational therapist friend it’s not so great so I’m trying to correct her. She’s the only one of my children who has ever done this.)
  • eats solids a few times per day (including some finger food)
  • drinks a little from a sippy cup
  • awake for 2.5-3 hours at a time
  • sleeping thru the night (and going to bed earlier – a little before 9) but sometimes will extend her nighttime a few more hours as her “morning nap” after nursing around 7am
  • army crawls pretty fast
  • can get up on all 4’s
  • let Daddy put her to bed with a bottle for the first time  (This is a huge step for me since it allows me to leave her for the evening and not worry about getting in home in time for her to go to bed or take her with me!)
  • sparkling blue eyes have stayed beautifully bright blue
  • took her first bath without the baby tub AND with Blake
  • had to lower her crib


  • IMG_7957

Madelyn has mastered the Army Crawl.

One of Blake’s favorite new phrases:


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