The 3rd child has kept things exciting around our house today. That’s not terribly unusual as he’s a clever 2yr old with 2 big Brothers. However, this week  was exceptional.

This week he learned how to open door knows. The biggest challenge with this is the pantry door. With his allergies it’s just not safe for him to be able to get in there. So we’re going to try a few things and see how quickly he defeats the system. The extreme solution is a door knob that requires punching in a code to open. We’ll see what works. I’m hoping to not go that far yet.

This afternoon while I was gone, he climbed out of his crib for the time. I wasn’t surprised, as I knew he could if he tried for quite a while but neither of the other two boys ever climbed out. Derek put him back in bed twice. The 3rd time he climbed out, looked around, and then cartwheeled back into the crib and went to sleep.

After his nap Derek put up the rail on twin bed which was already in his room, moved his night night stuff, talked about it with him, etc. He was excited and played in his big bed this afternoon.

Derek is gone this evening so I got to put him to bed. Derek has always done a good job of “putting the fear of God” I to the boys about staying in bed and it’s been successful. I put him to bed just like always but in the big bed. He lay right down like he was going to sleep  it got up twice. I went in there, put him back in, etc. As soon as I walked in the 2nd time he knew to head back to his bed.

The 3rd time I waited a little longer to go in and he was moving his blanket, pillow and loveys back to the crib. So I helped him climb in and he went right to sleep. Little stinker! I don’t really care where he sleeps and obviously it’s happening on his own terms which is really fine with me as long as he sleeps decently! This saga is To Be Continued!

(This outfit gives a preview of her professional 8 month pics which we had taken this morning. )





Madelyn is doing lots of new things this month!

  • get to the sitting position on her own
  • often sits in a W position with her ankles on the outside (I have always sat likes this too but according to an occupational therapist friend it’s not so great so I’m trying to correct her. She’s the only one of my children who has ever done this.)
  • eats solids a few times per day (including some finger food)
  • drinks a little from a sippy cup
  • awake for 2.5-3 hours at a time
  • sleeping thru the night (and going to bed earlier – a little before 9) but sometimes will extend her nighttime a few more hours as her “morning nap” after nursing around 7am
  • army crawls pretty fast
  • can get up on all 4’s
  • let Daddy put her to bed with a bottle for the first time  (This is a huge step for me since it allows me to leave her for the evening and not worry about getting in home in time for her to go to bed or take her with me!)
  • sparkling blue eyes have stayed beautifully bright blue
  • took her first bath without the baby tub AND with Blake
  • had to lower her crib


  • IMG_7957

Madelyn has mastered the Army Crawl.

One of Blake’s favorite new phrases:

I just realized this video was never posted here. It’s from June 5th when Madelyn was just starting to eat baby food.

It’s summertime!!

Pete rode his motorcycle to Frisco and gave the boys a little ride. Connor was hesitant and didn’t want to ride without Daddy.





After hot, hard play, the cousins needed to chill!
June_28__2015_at_1118AM 1

Blake has spent more time than anyone else at the Lego table.




Connor really wanted his own vegetable patch. Daddy complied and they planted okra and cucumbers.  They sprouted surprisingly fast (within a few days). We’ll see how the vegetables turn out.IMG_7963


We’ve had lots of morning playtime on the shady driveway before it gets too hot.




We spent a morning at the Perot Museum doing our favorite things: water play, driving the produce truck and racing an FC Dallas player.



I love the joy that shows on Connor’s face. He had this same huge grin the first time he sat in this truck nearly 2 years ago!20150707_104827


Lots of Smoothie ‘staches, practicing crawling and time just to play at home.20150715_121701


20150710_081455Andrew discovered the joy of Boxcar Children books and read all of the ones we have (from my childhood) within a few days. Once he gets started on a series, he takes off! Thankfully our library has a decent collection and Daddy found a dozen more at Half Price Books.  It’s funny (and appropriate) that his headlight is in this picture. He spends about an hour reading in bed each night before going to sleep.





One day we had toes for lunch.




When not chewing on fingers and toes, Madelyn has begun dining on some diced table food.IMG_20150721_175800


The last several weeks have gotten really hot so we’ve had fun with friends at the pool and Daddy came home early Friday afternoon and set this up in the backyard.

20150724_170026Last weekend Madelyn and I spent the weekend with the girls in Fredricksburg for Cousin Anna’s 21st birthday.  Anna was generous in allowing an 8 month old to come along for the weekend party!  Madelyn was a decent traveler (only upset about 1hr each way on the drive) and allowed me to have some fun too.  Anna is a girl after my own heart: nothing wild and crazy needed for her 21st, just some quality girl time. Here we are after Mass at St. Mary’s on Sunday morning.


While the girls were away, the boys had some fun too. They rode the train to downtown Ft. Worth for dinner Saturday evening. Pete & Gramma arrived in town just in time to join them.

July_18__2015_at_0249PM July_18__2015_at_0248PM

Aside from Madelyn and my trip, we’ve stayed home this summer but we’ve found plenty of entertainment and lots of love to share!













Cousins came over to play the afternoon of the 4th.

Tatum was very excited to sit and play with Madelyn and share toys.










Derek, Andrew and Connor went to the FC Dallas soccer game that evening. The game didn’t start until 8 so it was a late evening.  Andrew is very interested in soccer and stays focused on the game the entire time. He gets incredibly excited when FC Dallas scores a goal!! Lucky for him, they won the match!  Connor enjoyed being there but isn’t near as interested in the game. He learned how to do the wave.

The big fireworks display in Frisco are after the FC Dallas game so the boys got to watch a great fireworks show. They arrived home at a late 11:30pm but had a great time.

As the 3 of them were leaving, Blake wasn’t so pleased and it was about bed time so his consolation prize was getting a bath with Madelyn (a first!).


Here’s this sweet, happy girl at 7 months.

I had a little bit of a hard time with this month. 7 months means she’s closer to being 1 than she is to a newborn! That made me a little sad. I’m still amazed at how much changes in the first year.

Now, on to the cuteness!



The biggest change this month is Madelyn started sleeping with a lovey and has really gotten attached to it. When she has her lovey, she knows it’s night night time. Her preferred sleeping position is with her left thumb in her mouth and her right had gripping her lovey.


I love tucking her in like this.

Madelyn is also doing great with her solid (pureed) foods. She wasn’t a fan of the rice cereal but is doing great with fruits and vegetables. So far she hasn’t really rejected any of them. Although she does make a big mess when she eats and sort of spits all over her and whoever is feeding her. The evening when she eats after the brothers are in bed, she’s loud with happy noises and very silly, thus the spitting mess.

We celebrated with family, one of his favorite foods (pizza) and an inflatable water slide.

Somehow there are no pictures but Janice, Larry, Anna and Grammy (K&T’s Grandma) partied with us also.  Blake loved his pizza (aka “zuh”) and really enjoyed opening his gifts. As he was opening each package he would “oooh” and was very excited. He definitely understood what was going on and that it was his special time. Blake can’t quite climb to the top of the water slide and was quite happy playing in the pool part as the bigger 3 came down splashing him. Tatum suited up but didn’t ever make it to the water.

The birthday cake had tools on it because Blake has been toting around a toy tool box for the past 6 weeks. Every morning it’s the first thing he wants. His favorite tools are the wrench (“win”) and screwdriver (“do-die-er”).  He tried to take the tools off his cake while we were singing because he didn’t like that they weren’t in his box.

It was a perfect 2 year old party!

Now to the 2 year old milestones.

Blake’s 2 year stats:  26lbs, 34in

Blake’s language has started exploding over the past few months. He jabbers all the time and sometimes we can figure out what he’s saying. I would estimate he has about 50 “words” (if you classify that as things he says consistently the same way that we’ve figured out what they mean).  He still uses sign language a little but I’d say only about 5 times per day.  When he does sign, he says the word (the best he can) also. I consider that success, as the point of the sign language is to bridge the communication gap until he’s talking.

At bedtime and nap time he must be joined by his pillow, ruff-ruff, baby and frog and he is still sleeping in a crib (we bought a 2nd one when Madelyn was born).  Blake sleeps approximately 7:45pm-6:30am (+/- 30min) and naps after lunch. As of late, the naps are a little tricky if he doesn’t burn enough energy in the morning. About once per week he doesn’t nap for some reason or another. It doesn’t make for an ideal evening or next morning but it’s not too terrible.  We aren’t looking at dropping those naps any time soon though.  We ALL still need our quiet time every afternoon.

Blake loves to give hugs and pats on the back. He and Andrew continue to share a special bond. They both love it when Andrew gets him out of bed in the morning or after nap time.  I often find them sitting together reading.  Blake is very sweet with Madelyn (bringing her toys, checking on her, etc.) and that relationship is about to get more interesting as she is quickly becoming mobile.  He does love to sweetly give her kisses on the head but he giggles and backs away as her hair tickles his face.

Of course Blake likes to do what his brothers are doing but he also really enjoys playing by himself.  His imagination has really taken off and watching him play is fascinating. He collects toys from various buckets/sets and puts them together in a very specific way that doesn’t make sense to anyone else. He particularly likes to place people in vehicles.  Blake has make himself at home at the Lego table. We couldn’t keep him away from it any longer and he absolutely loves playing with the things Daddy and Andrew have built! The result is destruction, but it’s great entertainment.

Food allergies are still a challenge, but for the most part they seem to be under control. Praise God for this because the list of foods he should avoid is long!  The pantry (which, by the way, is one of his favorite places to seek out in hopes that the door is open) is full of green and pink neon labels indicating if foods are safe for him to eat or not. This system has been very helpful for babysitters, family, or anyone else to easily tell if a food is Blake Friendly.  When we began this food allergy journey, we eradicated foods from our house that he couldn’t have but the list quickly grew so long that wasn’t practical for the rest of the family. We try very hard and do our absolute best to make him feel included and not like he’s missing out. However, he is going to have to learn that there are some foods he just can’t have and no, it isn’t fair but it’s the way it is.  These are going to make for tough parenting moments.

While we’re on the topic of food, his favorite foods: cheese (he has a special kind he can have), hot dog, pizza, bagel, O’s (Cheerios), pancake, mac & cheese, and fruit snacks.

Gramma spent a lot of time with us in the past 5 weeks (which was fabulously helpful and enjoyable) and she nicknamed him Man on a Mission. We don’t always know what he’s seeking or wanting but he is determined to do/get it and nothing can stop him. For example, a few days ago we were playing upstairs and he kept saying something that we didn’t understand (although I think I would have figured it out had it been in context).  Despite my urging, he went down the stairs, into the kitchen and came back up with a handful of spoons. I have no idea why but he was determined that’s what he needed!

Blake’s other nickname is Wildcard. I do think he has made some progress recently in not being a total mess all the time but this name is definitely still accurate!

Part of our night time and wake up routine is opening and closing the shutters in his room. He loved to look out and see Uncle Larry’s truck in front of the house. Although Larry isn’t here any more, after seeing the truck every day for a few months, Blake still occasionally asks where it is.  Trucks, hats and airplanes are his favorite things to point out.

At 6 months and 3 weeks, Madelyn gets where she wants to go. Blake’s baby is a favorite.

It’s been a big month for Ms. Madelyn!


  • 14lbs, 13oz
  • found her toes
  • tried some rice cereal with mixed success
  • sitting up pretty well
  • rocking in the crawling position and launching herself forward
  • met her Godfather (Uncle Brad) for the first time and played with her Godmother
  • belly laughs at Andrew’s “boo!”
  • more aware of Mommy’s whereabouts
  • pushes up to peek over the bumper when waiting to be gotten out of bed


What’s not to love about this?!?!


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