• Cooing a little bit with an occasional brief smile
  • awake and happy for about 1.5hrs at a time
  • wearing 3mo or 3-6mo clothes
  • taking a bottle of 1/2 formula, 1/2 breastmilk several times per week
  • likes the paci but also has chapped thumbs/hands from sucking on them
  • frequently sleeps and plays on her side
  • stays cozy and asleep in her car seat during the day much better than in her bed
  • going to bed around 10:30pm and frequently sleeping through until 5-6am
  • I have to lay her in bed drowsy but awake or she’ll wake up and be upset
  • holding her head up pretty well and gaining strength in her legs to stand


A few close up pics of her baptism gown.


Gramma spent several days with us last week wile Derek was out of town. Madelyn was getting tired and not so happy in this picture but the two of them had some good bonding time.


Last weekend we celebrated the Sacrament of Baptism for Madelyn.

We partied with friends and family at our house prior to the baptism. As luck would have it, we planned to grill sliders for lunch and that morning it began pouring rain.  Derek was a trooper and soldiered on grilling in the rain.


Madelyn’s Godparents, Erica & Brad, surprised us with a Papal Blessing for her baptism. Not only do we get this beautiful framed certificate but, more importantly, it means that Pope Francis has offered a specific prayer intention for Madelyn on the occasion of her baptism. So neat!

IMG_7592 (2)In true 3 month old form, Madelyn slept through the entire party.  I woke and fed her just in time to head to the church.


Madelyn is our 3rd to be baptized at St. Francis but our 1st in the big new church which opened in December of 2013.  We are all enjoying the beautiful new church. It is a much needed upgrade to the temporary worship space the parish had been using for the 10 years prior. Mass is still mass no matter where you are, but now it feels a lot more like church.


The precious gown was also worn by Cousin Liesl.  It’s hard to see in the pictures but has a smocked top and little pink cross at the neck.  Little girl baptism gowns are so much cuter than the boy outfits!


Brad wasn’t able to make it across the pond (from Ireland) for the baptism but Sebastian stood in for him.


2:30pm is typically nap time at our house. Connor cuddled up in Gramma’s lap and got himself a little nap. Thankfully, Blake had a little nap while the rest of us ate lunch.


It is hard to put into words the graces I felt coming down to our family that day. The Holy Spirit was definitely there and not only cleansing Madelyn and bringing her into the church but we are all part of this church and called to support her and renew our commitment to our faith.  A sacrament is an outward sign of an inward grace. Every little piece of the sacrament of baptism is so rich and a sensory experience. Not only is water poured over her head, but also the white garment she’s given, blessings of her lips and ears and the very fragrant chrism oil her head is anointed with (and the aroma sticks around for days even after a bath). It is such a beautiful sacrament and we are blessed to have had so many dear friends and family join us. We surely missed Brad and family and Grandmother and Granddad but they were there in spirit.




Friday morning we were preparing to get out the door and I looked over to find Blake helping with the dishwasher. This is usually Andrew and Connor’s job to empty it. He watches them so knows what needs to be done and decided to help. And then there’s a little (dangerous) Mommy oops. This is real life and we’re not perfect, right?

And then there’s the aftermath in the drawer.


This evening my answer: smoothies and oatmeal.

Derek’s response: is that what we’re down to?

Andrew’s response: you’re just kidding, right? I mean,  we wouldn’t really have that for dinner, would we?

Connor’s response: Are we having our smoothies IN our oatmeal?!

My post dinner response: I feel the same way as I did the last time I ate cook oats 25 years ago and lost them later that morning on the ski mountain in skin school.

And now for our #ashtag


And cute baby ashes.


I always think it’s neat how EVERYONE gets to get ashes.
Derek joined us at church but then had to go to a dinner meeting. Blake was the best he has ever been in church and Madelyn slept the whole time so I actually could have handled all 4 on my own but that was just luck and it was fun to have Daddy join us in the middle of the afternoon.

File this under “things I don’t want to forget.”

Earlier this month we hosted the monthly meeting of our Teams group. It is technically called Teams of Our Lady (or TOOL) but we can’t bring ourselves to call it TOOL. It’s a couples group from church. Anyway, since our dear friends would be gathered as well as Deacon Greg in our new home, Derek arranged with Deacon Greg to have our house blessed before the meeting.

We didn’t really know what to expect because neither of us had witnessed this before. Deacon Greg started by blessing some water to make Holy Water. Then he blessed our family.
Perhaps the  living room would have been a more photo worthy location for this but the middle of the kitchen just happened to be where we were standing.


Then came the parade through the house. We went to every room and sprinkled Holy Water. The boys had fun leading Deacon Greg through the entire house, bathrooms and all. He made sure to sprinkle water anywhere we gather, including the porches, backyard, garage and driveway.

Here we are blessing the dining room.


Thanks to Emily for thinking to snap these action shots.

I am so glad to have our home, where we spend so much time and are raising these children we have been entrusted with, to truly be holy ground.

This morning I went through a bunch of school papers and discovered this little treasure.
This is the way he remembers that weekend. To him it was an adventure with some fun and I think that’s just the way it should be.






Working on a little hand-eye coordination.


He dressed himself this morning.
I told him it was my turn to brush teeth.
C: Batman can do anything. He doesn’t need help.

J: I’m Robin, Batman’s helper. I’ve come to help brush teeth.

C: Andrew is Robin. You are Batgirl.

And he happily handed over his toothbrush.

Whatever it takes!

And his Batman voice


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