[Post delayed by 3+ weeks but we just got his 1yr portraits back; thus my excuse for not getting this post up earlier.]


Stats:  20lbs, 10oz (38%)  29.5in (34%)


Blake is happy boy but quite the seeker of trouble.  He loves getting into places he does not belong and climbing on any and everything.  He did recently learn to properly dismount the ottoman, much to my relief.  The kid-sized chairs in the playroom had to be removed because he would stand on them and then climb onto the table.  These climbing skills have helped him reach one of his current favorite places: Connor’s bed. He uses the step stool by the bed and is very proud of himself as he stands and crawls from one end of the bed to the other, over and over. Sometimes Connor is happy to share is bed, other times he moves the stool to prevent Blake’s access. 

Climbing the stairs causes bounds of giggles!

Blake has nearly crawled out of the deep master bathtub. He’s totally capable, but I don’t think his landing would be very safe and I’m trying really hard to prevent him from learning this trick yet. The bathtub is my “safe place” for him while I’m getting ready in the morning.

He is not yet walking but cruises well and stands still steadily without support.  He crawls at lightening speed so I anticipate he’ll continue to crawl for a while even once he takes his first steps.



Blake is eating about 90% table food. If it’s a familiar and favored food he does a great job at feeding himself.  For less familiar food, we spoon feed him so it doesn’t all end up on the floor.  He has been completely weaned for several weeks. I am very thankful it was a much easier process than I feared it might be.  I think it helped that I waited so late and didn’t try to start too early.  I was most worried about dropping the naptime feeding but it only took about 3 days to adjust and even those days weren’t too bad.   He has taken after his brothers in no loving whole milk. He eats lots of cheese and yogurt is a favorite food so he’s getting everything he needs.  Other favorite foods: sweet potato, hot dog, animal crackers, blueberries, sunbutter sandwich and grapes. So far we haven’t found a green veggie he’ll willingly eat without disguise. 


Why the Sunbutter (a peanut butter-like product made from sunflower seeds)?  At the beginning of June we discovered that he is quite allergic to peanuts.  If he touches a peanut product or anything that has come in contact with peanuts, he breaks out into hives.  It took several weeks to wrap our brain around what this means and how to handle it. We’re still figuring it out but are getting more comfortable.  We have to read labels like crazy and be very careful going out to eat.  The big boys have adapted alright to the elimination of the peanut butter staple in the house. They do miss it (and so do I!).  Thus far, Sunbutter has been an acceptable substitute for sandwiches.  Thankfully we have several good friends who have children with peanut allergies and they have been great resources!


All three of the boys loves to wrestle together.  Andrew does a really good job of being gentle with Blake. Connor hasn’t figured out that he can’t actually sit on top of Blake (like sits on Andrew) so his “wrestling” with Blake we usually adapt to be more like a hide and seek game with a blanket.  

Andrew is patient with Blake and enjoys being silly to make him laugh or they have yelling matches (my favorite! ha!).  Andrew and Blake absolutely adore each other.  Andrew frequently calms Blake in the car by singing or being silly.

Both Andrew and Connor feel like big helpers when asked to help feed Blake. It’s amusing to watch Connor spoon feed yogurt to Blake and it makes quite a mess but it does keep both of them happy while I prepare the rest of the meal.



This age (12-18mo) is always really challenging for me, largely because of the lack of communication. We are working on sign languages with Blake and he will sometimes sign “more” and “all done”.  More often, he screams for “more” because he’s not patient and he screams for “all done” because he seems to be a bottomless pit. In fact our babysitter recently commented that she’s always surprised at how much he eats.  He regularly consumes more food at dinner than Connor.

Blake is also still quite attached to Mommy.  Pulling up and yanking on my shorts, and thus immobilizing me as he holds on for support is a sure fire way to get some Mommy attention.

He loves to give hugs and has awesome cuddles, especially first thing in the morning. 


We get about 11 hours of sleep at night.  He takes a 30 minute on-the-go nap around 10am and then a 1.5-2hr nap in his bed about 1:30 in the afternoon.  The summer has pushed this schedule around a little but the general routine has continued to work quite well. I can’t express how relived I am to not have to wake him up on a daily basis for school pick-up!

He’s not too interested in sitting a looking at books, except when we’re winding down at quiet time and bed time. Our favorite night night books are That’s not My Monkey (pictured below) and The Going to Bed Book.



Of course his favorite toy is whatever big brothers are playing with!  Anything that he can dump out and make a mess with is enticing, as well as toys that bang together to make loud noises (ex: wood block on tile).  Flying airplanes and making airplane noises is a favorite as well.  The TV remote and XBox controller are awesome chew toys and drum sticks.IMG_7174

Blake knows how to play”Patty Cake” and knows when to raise his hands at the end but won’t do it on his own. Instead, he grabs my hands and raises them with his.  He also likes to clap to music.


And, there you have it. Our 1 year old boy!

Do you think the new baby will be a boy or a girl?

These are the answers I got at breakfast this morning.

[The first part of Connor's video is cut off. He said, "I hear God's voice..."]

Andrew’s input.

We celebrated this evening with Gramma, Cousin Tatum, Anna and Janice.

IMG_6903 IMG_6906 IMG_6909 IMG_6918 IMG_6859 IMG_6860 IMG_6864 IMG_6884 IMG_6869 IMG_6873

1 year ago today our sweet Blake entered this world. He has brought so much joy to all of us!! It is amazing to see how love really does multiply as our family grows.

Look for a 1 year progress/bragging report in the next week or two. For now, I’ll just leave you with party pics.


Andrew and I have been discussing what he wants to do this summer.  Last weekend, in an effort to involve him, I asked how he thought he could help the family during the summer (aka what chores/jobs would he be responsible for). He started writing a list, then wanted to type it, then just kept going.

I love this list!  As typed by Andrew:

Andrew’s job’s for the summer…


Cleaning the house like dusting and vacuuming

Emptying the dishwasher

Watering the grass and trees and Flowers

Watching Blake for Mommy and Daddy

Helping Mommy and Daddy cook desserts

Wipe the mirror in the bathrooms

Help Daddy work in the garage with his tools

Fix the cars if they are broken and wash them

Help Daddy with the Xbox

Do my summer activity Books

Get ready for first grad by getting pencils and crayons, scissors, glue and maybe something else

Rite notes to people

Draw pitchers of things

Do art

Go to OSU

Teach Mommy and daddy to go on a field trip my way

Go to bounce houses

Go to a science camp and ether camps to

And Tran to go camping


Tran for Soccer at the Park down the ally

Watch TV all day long I would watch Jack And The Never Land Pirates

A snap back to August.


And now.


Andrew had a fabulous year of Kindergarten!  He really bonded with his teacher and she has a great skill of communicating with these 5 and 6 year old. Andrew is leaving Kindergarten with a love of learning and excitement about school. He learned to read this year and has become a fabulous reader. He also loved science and math.  Of course specials were a big hit.  Getting to eat in the cafeteria and sometimes buy his lunch was exciting and different. 

This morning I attended their end of the year assembly which was outside behind the school. The middle school band performed and got everyone pumped up. It was fun to see all of the Friday Dances they do on the announcements and hear the different awards. Thankfully the sun stayed hidden behind the clouds the entire time. Blake and Connor were troopers and were able to enjoy the music and watching all the kids.

This afternoon I was able to snap a quick picture of Andrew with Mrs. S.


I like how completely accidentally we captured the sign with the date.IMG_4483

We went home for Andrew to change clothes really fast and then went down the street. One of the moms organized a Last Day of School block party. The kids ran through the congratulations sign and then were had a shaving cream and water balloon fight.


I didn’t know what he’d think of the ‘icky sticky’ shaving cream but he was all smiles and his back was covered.


The squirt bottle was a good attempt but the hose was required to do much good.


And then we headed to the pool!

All this fun and sweet Andrew was so sad this evening for school to be over.  He wished for another week to be with Mrs. S and do all the fun school things.  It does my heart good to know that he’s been in a place that he really loves and he’ll be back there in a few short months!

This past Thursday was Connor’s last day of preschool for the year.



Connor had a great year! His best buddies were 2 of the girls in his class. He learned from them about Tinkerbell and the Frozen movie.

We were blessed with two fabulous teachers: Ms. Sandy and Ms. Zulma. They were both fabulous in loving on these little ones and being patient trying to understand Connor’s speech. They say he was great at participating in class (as not all 2-3 year old understand this concept)

. Each child got an award at the end of the year. They ranged from ‘leader of the pack’ to ‘best hair’. Connor got the ‘sweetest smile’ award.


Now it’s summertime for him!

Blake found one of big brohers’ airplanes and took off!

(Yes, Blake is held captive in the bathtub in the mornings while I get ready.)

What about the 10 month post? That’s the month Blake found out he was going to be a big brother! ‘Nuff said. 

The 1st trimester fog is lifting so I bring you an 11 month update.


Blake weights around 20 pounds and is mostly wearing size 12 month clothing.  He is a super fast crawler. He pulls up on everything including Mommy’s pants and Daddy’s leg hair.  Sometimes he’ll walk while holding on to something but isn’t steady at all on his feet without support.

When not in the safety of Mommy’s arms, he can be found sloshing in the toilet (once in yellow water) or eating an old sandwich out of the trash.  Blake also has a fascination with cords, plugs and blinds.  It would not be unusual to walk into our house and find all the interior doors closed, the blinds pulled halfway up, and alarm clocks off or flashing.  If he does find an open door, his favorite game is to go into the room and close the door, yell for someone to come rescue him and then he has a huge grin and gigles when I get there to open the door. And he promptly wants to close it again to repeat. This worked to my advantage a few nights ago when I was trying to do the dishes but he didn’t think it was so much fun when I didn’t quickly respond.

Blake is eating 90% table food. He likes meat and fruit but is picky about veggies. I’ve had success mixing the veggies in with meat or other things when spoon feeding him. He doesn’t pay as much attention to what’s going into his mouth off a spoon as he does when eating finger food.  A straw sippy cup is Blake’s preference and he does a great job drinking water. While he does know how to sign ‘more’, he’s not very good about using his signs yet. When in his high chair, he expects a steady flow of food or our eardrums will pay (not necessarily in unhappy voices, but makes himself known). Soon we will start introducing him to whole milk and see how that goes. Right now he’s still nursing early morning, before nap and at bed time. Hopefully in the next 4-6 weeks he’ll be completely weaned. Prayers for a smooth weaning process are appreciated!

We’ve been working on waving with little success. However, he loves to wave to family members on Skype!  He loves to clap and as we learned this evening, apparently he knows how to fold his hands and pray.  Blake can be very loud (especially enjoying the echo in church) and has a much harder time sitting still than just a month or two ago.  I’m read for him to be walking because I’ll let him walk anywhere but I’m particular about where he crawls.  This will be a challenge because I’m guessing he’s still at least 2 months away from walking well.  He has had fun crawling around the back yard lately; particularly enjoying the rocks and sand.

Somewhere around 7am Blake starts his day. He gets an ‘on the go’ morning nap before 10am and then is ready for a good nap in his bed by 1pm.  This nap is promptly ended at 2:45 when we have to pickup Andrew. Usually he makes it until 7:30 bed time but sometimes needs a brief evening snooze. I’m sad that his Ergo days (with Mommy) are now over. Just a week ago we went on a morning walk/nap in the Ergo but my growing tummy will no longer allow for that. I’m really going to miss that chance to cuddle!  I am, however, looking forward to not having to wake him from naps as soon as summer arrives and we can have a little more relaxed schedule.  He is a trooper and doesn’t mind all the running we have to do.

Andrew loves to make Blake laugh and is great at gently wrestling with him.  Blake of course loves this attention and Andrew is very patient with him.  Blake loves to check out what Connor is doing but Connor does not share the same affinity and hasn’t figured out how to share or include Blake in his play.  I often hear shrieks “ahh…Blake is coming towards me!!!”  You’d think it was a scary alligator approaching or something.


Blake is Daddy’s buddy! He loves to giggle and play with Daddy.  As much of a Mommy’s boy as he is, Daddy is typically an acceptable alternative. 

Andrew wanted to write on the chalk board this month. I suggested he sign his name but he had a different idea.


Blake is a mess right now but brings us all so much joy.



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